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Nowadays, professions are anything but static. As we progress in our careers, many of us will change companies multiple times or change roles or titles within the same company. While this is interesting, it doesn’t tell the story of your skill sets – it simply lists past experiences.

To get the best traction, consider a Functional Resume. A Functional Resume can clearly communicate to a hiring manager why he or she would want you in their company/business unit.  Companies today want to know, “What will you do for my company? – What makes you unique and a value add?”  A Functional Resume directly addresses these questions by spotlighting your specific skills, knowledge, and abilities.


Quick Tips and Tricks for Resume Building:

  • Create multiple resumes that target the role and/or company. In other words, one resume doesn’t fit all.
  • Secure a user-friendly, professional, and understandable email!
  • POOR examples:;;
  • If you are applying with a technology company that hosts email, secure an email with that company.
  • If you are applying at Google, you should have a Gmail account instead of an Aol account.
  • If you are applying at Microsoft, you should have a Hotmail or MSN email account instead of Gmail account.


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Helpful Links


Contact Terri at Talent Excellence to grow leaps and bounds under the personalized attention of an expert leadership coach.


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Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get it Back if You Lose It, by Marshall Goldsmith

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