Ease. Efficiency. Results.

Talent Excellence consists of one — one point person, one administrator, one honest expert to trust. No troops will be needlessly storming your castle, complicating paperwork, or confusing your goals. With Professional Development Expert Terri Ebert as your partner, you can be sure to get efficient and effective help.


As the owner and operator of Talent Excellence, Terri is respected in her field as a creative professional – development guru. She has a thorough understanding of multiple industries, including

  • Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Human Resources

And her track record is impressive.  The companies she has partnered with—such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Home Depot—have secured the leading market share in their industries.

Terri’s versatile abilities enable her to function in multiple capacities: 1-to-1, team, management, or executive. Terri is certified as a Totally Responsible Person workshop provider.  She is also certified in Myers Briggs and has extensive experience in 360-Feedback. 


Looking for a long-term strategy with teeth? Then ditch the canned plans, and reach from the shelf to “out-of-the-box.” As an organic, unconventional professional development coach and trainer, Terri can guarantee excellence because her fresh approach focuses primarily on your unique needs.


Terri’s values include listening, communication, and flexibility. And as someone who relies on positive relationships to get things done, integrity is a top priority. With integrity comes honesty: Terri will be the first to tell you if something will not work or if there is a better way to meet your needs.


Excellence in Facilitation, Puget Sound Fiscal Year 2013
Terri received this award from the Microsoft Employee and Management Excellence Group. This award is based on her evaluation scores for fiscal year 2013 whereby the average of her evaluation scores as surveyed by class participants were the highest of all Puget Sound facilitators across both employee and manager training sessions. Said another way, after each training class Terri facilitate, each participant is asked to complete a class evaluation which includes questions about the instructor. Based on all her evaluations for fiscal year 2013, Terri obtained the highest average score of all Puget Sound trainers in both employee and manager training sessions.

Robin Alexander

Software Development Manager at Microsoft

Terri is one of a kind among HR professionals. I worked with her extensively. She is always willing to listen, and has an innate sense for counseling and growing people. She instinctively recommends the correct approach to take in any given situation.Terri has exceptional integrity and can always be relied upon to provide an objective and constructive way forward that is a win-win for the business and individual. She develops great partnerships with those she works with. She was and will continue to be one of my most trusted advisors.

Jann Butler

 A special call out to my consultant Terri Ebert for her facilitation of the Hardlines HR planning offsite. Amazing work! Great meeting! She always makes me look good.

Another Satisfied Client

What I wanted to share with you is that I’ve been getting great feedback on my resume. People like that it’s not the usual resume format and the way the information is presented is making it easy for us to have discussions about specific experiences and results called out on the resume.