Talent Excellence


We tailor expert coaching and training to your company’s needs and to your personal career goals—whether you are an HR manager tasked with implementing an orientation for new employees, a CEO concerned with employee training and retention, or a professional in a career transition.

Why Talent Excellence?

Talent? Check. Excellence? You’ve come to the right place. With decades of in-depth experience partnering with major retailers and high technology companies, our professional development services are second-to-none. By choosing Talent Excellence, you can be sure to elevate your company or career to the next level.


How do we do this? By working with you. Other career counseling and executive coaching firms are temporary services, but Talent Excellence gives you the personal commitment you deserve. We recognize that professional and career development is a journey, and we are committed to your success from inception to completion on your training projects, or on an ongoing basis.

 In addition to coaching, we are adept at facilitation. If your company needs someone to teach a course, facilitate assessments or feedback, or welcome new employees, you can count on us! Our exceptional expertise, combined with our ability to listen as well as to advise, will ensure that all of your objectives are accomplished.


For Companies

• Management strategies
• Meeting management
• New employee orientations
• Company and employee analyses

For Individuals

  • Professional development
  • Career coaching
  • Resume advice
  • Additional resources